the beginning of the end.

writing once helped me breathe. it was the vascular tissue and enriched fuel that permitted me to exist. I started this blog in 2.15. actually, I abandoned this blog to fear on the very same aforementioned date. with rumors of potential discovery of myself I walked around the cement blockade of fear and dipped my brown pinkie toe in cold water that will soon keep me warm. when harangued by my emotional savages I imagine that defenestration would be a discreet albeit loud extreme solution because no one would know why I heaved myself through a plated glass window. they would just know I did and they would not know I was trying to cleave and remove my mind because of the triumphant monstrous voice, a casual bete noir, that reminds me of what I have done in not doing what I would be. so I will wrestle fear until my joints are torn and it relinquishes its name. so I tell and now I write.

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