i apologize if my words offend you. if my lack of structural sentence integrity troubles you. there are no bones harder than stone here. to eschew formalities and formula is what seems to be happening. dipping into that alchemical hole that quantum surges through intelligent response and into feeling, into intuition into knowing with out use of computation. into the getting without actual physical apprehension. so if you are confused then you are not familiar with the way spirit sounds. that still quiet voiceless voice that is more direction, more leaning more urgent. Descartes has done a thing on you. a great disservice. the grid you glean to net the universe has pulled you up out of between mammas legs. you really know what it be like to feel like a motherless child. if you can for a moment just knock your head off and put ears on your heart because that’s where this will knock. and if you have a head your heart won’t be able to open. the door bells ringing. its ringing at 432hz.

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