not nocturnal but born to night time activities the harshness of her internal light made the rising sun and the still moon kiss her as they welcomed her into their tango inside an earth bound dream. the supernal macabre prance that occurs around life and in the Christ’s marriage to the friction in madness that embodies his bride. and from heavens rim she annihilated darkness. pulling the drapery of obsidian lightlessness down in to her lap folding miles into inches turning ephemera into liquid. and death was her greatest gift. will full intention and the light of galaxies in her eyes she dined on darkness and left her celestial home in a sanguine scintillating nova falling out of step in the dip of her tango bringing heaven and heart in death as her gift to those that did not know she’d leave them behind. Death was her gift. Pain and an ill fitting skin her vehicle in which she brought her gift.

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