it calls to me like noise calls to music to be hammered into song into melody into order. as a beacon in a steeple sheds its light into the dark fighting and fighting like Moses to free his people. with the backing of God this light takes Jesus’s way over the land and into hearts once dark. they got a rhythm and roll that even the damnedest demon can’t resist to stroll to behold and dance the moving laughter of soul. new now. we’s new now and free. saved out of dark and into light with a chorus of angels etched in our hip and knee bones. so we bend. we jive. we shake. we survive. cause God in us now we thrive. Glory in the house and she so fine. God in the house he divine. Jesus on the ones and twos turning something Moses done made out of stone that sending chills up and down yo spine bone. Hallelujah.

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