Sometimes living just don’t feel right

And the only thing that does feel bout right is sleep.

I often feel like biscuits that failed to rise because they came out of the oven womb too soon.

So its sleep.

Sleep I says seems like the oven I need to rest in.

And in that rest I will come out when I rise.

And my baking is then finished,

I am done inside and out.

And the unsalted butter is slathered on with a heavy hand. A hand that is not unfamiliar with creation because it created all things in the before.

Then my skin will fit.

I will be happy.

I will know myself.

And I will softly walk on crisp flakey edges regal in my brown from just being made alright and round.

One thought on “Biscuits

  1. Sometimes it takes an extra minute or two to let the bread finish in the oven. Maybe we are never really done, maybe our edges aren’t always browned like we think they should be. Maybe sometimes we need unsalted butter, maybe sometimes we need honey. Maybe we just come out because it’s time to be seen in the bread basket, with a red gingham cloth.


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