Uncle Keith

Uncle Keith. I would have been his partner. I would have been a relentless stalker. He would have had to take out a TRO on me
#keithharring #honoringtheancestors #amundanespiritdoing I mean I know i would have had a chance with him. And some days I imagine what it would be like if I was a writer and model in the 80’s living life in the big Apple yet still naive about the ways of the world and a virgin and he is my first love and he pops my cherry pit. We get a French bulldog and name him Frenchie because we are lazy. He inspires me. He uses my young body as a canvas. He likes this new music form called rap. Larry Levan is our friend so we go to Paradise Garage every Saturday. We aren’t addicts but we dip and dab occasionally in party favors but we never pay for them because we are the queer creative genius couple every body wants be. The literati are comparing my new book to The Prophet by kahlil gibran. We get joint book and gallery tours to Europe. We meet Yves Saint Laurent and we get in a pushing fight with Karl Lagerfeld because Keith thinks he is hitting on me. No one is hurt or bruised. But Karl twist his ankle. His boyfriend, Major Domo, told him not to wear stilettos because he was going to be drinking. And back to reality; he’s dead and I am in Atlanta. 😐😥😣🤗

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