Under The Mother

Be careful in the basement. Its dark lukewarm and damp. Spiders and shadows as boogey men lurk under the stairs, in the corners and behind open doors. Close your eyes when you start your descent. That helps you recognize the truth from the lies in the darkness under the earth. And in the Earth we can be born. In the Earth we stop stop stop until still. And perchance if visions of what could be came out of the darkness and not nightmares of what was with the stillness so close to death that beat and breath come slow time will not exist and the wholeness will become you; leaving what you were in the tension between the two poles that was one you behind in the loss of light. And there will be no dialectical existence; no pulling; no wonder why in one there exist two that share the same face. All that will be unfettered from the shadow will be only one ; one reconciled; no more fighting; only the musty odor of doing what one knows one should not do will linger and above you will be the spring light of the sun flagrantly gentle and alive just riven from winter in return to its lover Earth and below your feet not far from your heart will be a path of purpose.

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