Who is to be now

I went by Safe House tonight. I planned on eating, worshiping, and praising with my community. But alas that did not happen. This is only the second time in seven years that I felt like I didnt belong in this community, that the people here self ordered into an assembled line were not my people. Everything felt alien from the ground under my feet to the atlas of clouds pursued by the wind way up over my entire body but closest to my head. I was alone, a stranger on the other side of the glass to the fish bowl looking in on a scene where I no longer belonged. The very same feeling wore me my first day sitting on a metal chair in the gullet of the homeless home at Peachtree and Pine seven years ago. So I left Safe House. I went Walgreening to meet Alec Guinness, Jif Butter, Yaki Soba and the redoubtable Caferine Bustello. My newest cohort of polymath internationals that will replace me out of this altschmerz.

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