Dan M Henry U

You are whatever you think I am. What you think is most egregious in me is just a reflection of what is most egregious in you. Thinking involves convulted machinations. Knowing doesnt revolve around thinking. Is. Being. I am not what I used to be yet !am still not quite fully who I am. And most likely will never arrive in finality. I will just lean into the fidelity of progression and maximum operation in every moment as Dan!am. A being doing. And as you look to who I was in comfort of what you seem to be and have always been please remember that I dont care, that you are still who you were when we first occassioned similar time and space. And thats great. You are wonderful. Flawed. And inside the mirror you refuse to see your other face. The reflection of that old lonely face that hides under the one you wear now. The face that yells at you that there is no fixing that needs to be done. My measured outsides somehow arent equivalent to your measured darkness inside. But what fathoms do you fold that resist truths to be told. Real love will evade you. And joy will always fade to you. Because as you measure me you will forgo editing you. You were you and I was yet to be me. You were finished unfolding unto the sun 25 years ago. That was how it was suppose to be. I wasn’t ready then. But ascension is happening now. Miss me with what I did and never catch me for what I am. Just think of what more light in me now means in comparison to the dark that I used to be. What I used to destroy I will marshal all my strength to use to build. As I use my power for good your hold on my ghost will not stop me from ascending in the now. Because the shadowfear that walked before the iterations Daniel, Baron and Barsch is no longer the dominant narrative. Their insouciance and gifts still exist in the spotless artful light of mind. Their active shame as disloyal combative expressions that know not the core of myself externalized as a tin paper facade built upon terror trying to undo me before I am done has gone into the abyss with eyes wide open. Intelligence. Fun. No shade. With the shadow no longer in front of me all that remains is my revenant. I seem to be as a black hole and not even time nor visible light can escape the curvature of my heart as truly !am a black molten Phoenix. And I will still love you. I will still embrace you. When everything seems wrong. Ashaye

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