He is bigger and tougher there is no other. He the one and only Dominator. Dominator. Make me kiss myself. He run around with God in sunshine with no facade. Dedicated dependable everlasting betta for you than intermittent fasting. Its him death and taxes. You betta hope you meet him first. Cause when he win and shine he beat himself and you lost to you. He float like a butterfly you gone fall like a tree. He 3d. Dionysus he be. The menace and he in it. You blink you be drunk look in up at what used to be round cause you on the square mat tko’ed lumberjack callling “DOWN DOWN”. His destiny is to go up as the bell rings. He be there. He make you scream go Menace and do a Berlin stomp out. You think you might win and you really done lost. 1. 2. 3. The world already bought to give him whats due.

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