Its all changing however. Even in Polaski Tennessee I have heard not ill but good winds of liberty upon human rights fortune. There just needs to be a coalition of the privileged, the marginalized and the disenfranchised. It happened during the Bacon Rebellion. It happened directly following the Civil War up to 1898. And it can happen again. We dont have to keep living the legacy of 1619 in different iterations simply because profit, this worlds comfort, this world security, complete reliance on what is seen and material ease has usurped God. There has always been a thriving counter narrative to the narrative. One that speaks to the Atlantic ideals, the elemental principles, universal laws at the center of all wisdom traditions and aspirations that are lived out around the country in small hamlets, towns, communities and even some cities. It is not a triumph of romance but actualization of archetypal principals. We are in the proving that the good in truth is true, that love and justice balanced against our need over and above what in us wants equilibrium the measure of not the few or the some but the many cast as one.

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