Waters of life to drown dying or rise living out of…..

Woman shot and killed by Baytown, Texas, police officer outside her apartment complex via nbcnews – https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/black-woman-shot-killed-outside-her-apartment-officer-baytown-texas-n1005336


As is

o much injustice is happening and we no longer, unless by sheer will of digesting no violence passively or entrenchment compliance in a low information bubble, only manage a glean of the tip of the iceberg of injustice. Global warming is melting the inhumanity frozen in the polar ice caps and we are drinking or drowning under the cold waters of equability promised but lost as it is wandering in the desert never to quench our thirst for the life long pursuit of unmolested happiness on which this noble social experiment waxes and wanes but never deigns to shine the suns smile upon; it only gives a clowns frown to the one Fathers esteemed negro dream. The descendants of Ham will have no ham only bone embedded in permafrost with all the taste of salt in meat and succulent juice bitten out by cold; and all that will remain is Abrams hip joint, inedible, wrestled into gristle by angels; indistinguishable from the stiff mending twine that is used to stitch close open wounds.

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