rEVENaNT bUcolic dReaMEd

The sweetness in the suns reach out for one more full shine in the earth in the trees from the dressing of them that is leaves. And no call or summons or demand or fiat directing the sky to house cold or relinquish rain or to pour out stores of excess gust of winds unpacked from last years enfoldment that was the making way for the water atomized in air to become the thickened fat full beast buoyed by the light and heat bequeathed annually by a star to the sky living in east of the west that nearly transforms people in the south United States into bipedal hominid amphibians. On this path does proceed the earth in sway of the quiet silent voice that is rarely headed, often heard and more often dismissed by humans but being part of natures will to do with out question resonating allegory and creation myth back into the system that at multiple points at the multiple levels of density and aggregated form or form in seemingly dissolution react respond or bend the Laws of Science and the Laws of Spirit that govern every aspect of being seen or unseen and every creepy crawly thing existent by the will of God



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