Found in a huddlewithin love drowning in a puppy pile of nonhomonormative men(decades ago would have had only feelings stuffed and dammed of pathological distemper that was first natures velvet skin as rose petal tenderness but lost its way without having the warm softiness it had started to become now brittle like water weakens metals in to rust is a same self that is but the dreams of shade and shadow on the darkside of the moon about what sort of light in heat it used be when the darkness was the black in the gold of the sun but shade in shadow no longer remembers that in place of the comfort found in think that it used to be then sun reaching out into murderous halts and frenzy by things its reach could not go into but clown and ape huggs wrapping its hunger around and building in the still Shade against the objectified gaze of black that has lost the sun and its light.

….. like I am ready to cozy up to a body in balance with my fullness of melanin by their lack of melanin as it seems to have brung with undifferentiated color the death of seasons or the abundance of frequencies subatomic causing The Heart of The Christ that empowers and is the turning indefatigable energy in the drive toward heaven in us and heaven in earth I will fall never to be another into another full lipped boy and bring the joy of a second nerd adolescent dawn of sappppp always rising into an insouciant teenage twilight night covered fully in good consequence living by living ones fullest best life in love with all things wrapped in bundles of photons under the constant sun thats nestled in with madcap zany adventures, ghost mysteries pet detecting Non homonormative Weird Science Secxy Debacles hemmed in by the naughty glee of eating pancakes waffles and rumbled cheese eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner in the bed while wearing your family Christmas onsie and wearing your 10 year old Boba Fet mask thereby replacing your Slave space ship with humps and grinds on the upbeat of Grace Jones Slave to the Rhythm. And I will say I do… without consummation for a year and then on the anniversary¬† Dionysian savagery causes head eruption in counter point to erection like centuries be quieted volcanoes

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