Truth is african british irish french German Indonesian and Filipino

I am no longer in a self hating connundrum wrapped in a waton bonded at the subatomic level by the strong force, that binds particles meant to repel each other, with a quandry wearing a Buddhist koan with concerns to my taste and my attraction to the physicality of a being that is the exact opposite of my outpoured visualized equation and possibly even divergent in every visible invisible metric/preference except for our love of God self and each other. I know why I am the foam in the zest of a faulty cognitive distorted belief system. I no longer trouble with it becoming or unbecoming. It is one of multiple plexiglass, wood, tantalum and chili crosses I bear. It will be reconciled just as it is now accepted not to be recoiled from ignored or belittled but comforted met with loving compassion understood protected eventually when psychic tools are fully honed it will be edited of the useless hyperbolic bits, prominent in the shadow actively hiding the treasure with myself as henchmen abetted by my own rigorous riot winding rails in rutted brain matter leading to thinking modalities shaped like cattle cars filled of self defamation and ill thoughts in sour words from toxic emotions, to self immolate in progressive transformation. I am well. Now I need to fix to my self the sustainable way clear with headroom toward non chemical fetters, the south off my back and into NYC doin being acting a career in one of the 1000 things i am capable of operating successfully as is being. Help God, it’s Dan!AM. I know the answer is here. I receive it because you will not give me bread when I ask for a green viper in the solution that already exist has existed and has been waiting for me. I DO NOT RESIST THE CHANGE THE SOLUTION NEEDS TO ACTUALIZE. I am ready and willing FATHER/MOTHER/LITTLE ME i am.

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