What I am about to say may sound like hubris or flawed theology to the well trained amongst the mortals closer to God than I. I listened to an interview with Eckhart Tolle today. He dismantled Descartes most famous statement, ” I think therefore I am.” But thinking is a subordinate process sometimes driven by mind, consciousness or if you will the individuation of one Spirit that breaths in us life which is very much akin to a single drop taken from the ocean and put in an eye dropper has has all the ocean in it to a lesser degree.( for another time another heretical confab)

So that brought me to Moses asking God who He was/what is His name. Are we all just lesser and not greater I ams. I posit that the brain and its operations of cognition, regulation and elimination of incoming sense data are all that it is. All the fleah and bone and meat stuffing is our out pf the fifth dimension Space(Earth) suit. It is but a denser slower out of spiritual dimension suit that we have to operate in earth space time as higher vibrations concentrated in as centers of spiritual beings having a human experience and so around in in us is order that would be chaos if different for our temporal journey, by the separation of individuated objects by the electro magnetic fields, strong and weak forces of things so that we may create, be generative causes and behold/beholden to effect. It is not who we are and thinking does not make me who I am. I am because I am; light and vibrations in a quantum void, offspring of the Celestial maker, The First Cause. I am because i am an effect caused by an eternal living God creating in my field of influence causes intentional and unintentional at the least spectacular.

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