IF the Mountain gets off you climb it until it falls on you again or until you can move it.

I recommend Sarah Vaughn remixes and a shift in the emotional paradigm represented by blue.

Up before the bend upward sun and this is feeling like a day when my energy and creativity intersect ascending upward along a serpentine track that I have trod before always getting a bit farther than the last time on my way before I am Jack without a pail water or Jill falling down. And my little mount Fuji lands on top of me the weight being so heavy and formless that I usually resolve to wait until I feel the collision of motivation and its catalyst energy to begin to live outside myself in space time time space. I know what I will do; its time for the round robin phone tree hotline super fresh dope check in with my fam from my Sanctum Sanctum. I am already stuck on the upside of the see saw and the horizon’s sucker punched nectarine and peach bruised smile is still stuck in its a new day the past has gone far far away.

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