THE GENTLE SOUNDER and Them among the The Long Humani Generis

I have come to realize with out ease but with the sort of toil that turns a roguish out of light becoming champion beyond four eye sight from a lamb on the dole to a Lion bout to roll like thunder in lightning over shamrock green Eires knoll a most powerful lesson within my grasp and secure held whole. Spiritual unfolding mental wider: Beholding and physical structural forming firming and scaffolding are not always synchronous evolving with time and age golden olding. Before cells divided proteins layered building while charmingly colliding molding what ever my mission was is to be there has been and are around me a community based in blood or spirit encoding implicit or explicitly. knowing as demonstrated by action not word or voiced intention made scolding their duty to carry/walk/push/pull me in the Truth written before the foundations of the earth were formed peeling back the coccoon in utero social interring the machinations and imposed darkly mattered layers of a narrative man shortly after being created inartfully supposing a plot to deforest paradise and dethrone God disseminating fear. Hostis Humani Generis: the smoldering force that is darkness empowered by thought symbols unspoken but in the shape of sound in fear manifolding the mental mutiny mind over spirit matter recoding.

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