Aint no line can be stitched along the curvature of space time or Only GRAVITY can stop time

I am a microwave too or A Planck stitch is still time just 10n44 negative times
Don’t Planck me I won’t 10xPlanck small u

There are imperceptible inflection points in time my effect I’d rather redesign grab some sun or moon light put luster back in silver with a spit shine to reflecting anew jump a black cat tail run back on a cosine count back nine than slow my displacement of light becoming much maligned in my mind visible sight an event a feast phenomenal in tangible mathematic symbols angles variables sine equal to event me plus you divided by a fraction of whats true in space sun and night dont come close to the sum of 8.3 minutes wave or particle organizing me from you from tree or honey dew with a stitch in the curvature not a line in situ gladly embraced or embellished face to face  reacting  intacting in heart in mind taking back holding close as symbol or sign what better I’d decline in me if foresight like a precog night felt what awareness missed in sight at the speed of light went wieghtless unfelt past like the end in a whimper or gas leaving to salt in sea the brine in tears a degree of three times three times three that like Granny Gladys in hand did switch sew a stitch wouldst whoop my behind in present so consequence prescient before so in now I ain’t felled my ass being sore, ostensibly black hind parts  hindsight been lept, possum me felt dealt equals, more than less me in me, Schroedinger live aint dead if I living not dead I’s the me better 4 all is I to be aint be it up to me to accept in real time what it mean to be free the slavement and conditions that but like Granny Gladys say but never use or display a sewn patten fitted ‘fo i was me, acting like twins haint and dove that be hawking me me me from when my heart said one till it said 946,080,000×3, all 100 hay pennies & 80 cents in mercury dimes of candy and chrit-ma tinsle joy that in me aint easy for but one eye to see, up Brother Jacob ladder Lawd im goin climb climb climb that mountain that tree even climb an idea a misnotion reaching  U in me, come push myself down get up fall down faster than sight can in water  shape sea for the catching of the eye to feed my mind( traveling the same road photons journey out from in the sun back to where we come  from when we fished stars like the sun outta gravity wells) brighten what darkness we left so we’d knows the way come hell or high sea, And when in the maw of the rainbow  that crooked smile, personal powerful to me even upside down, my whole soul feel love by sight, no chase does harangue to miss more than it hits with human sound. I’s mo’ real now wit no hair height or localizing noun. GLOWRAY

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