Fat back out of fire perennial

picture credit ajc.
Whoomp there its Whoomp there it is, Knuck if you buck, Momma got a brand new bag, I know what it like in this moment as the fetters of my socio culturally imposed narrative my fate where life happens to me like raucous waters afloat to a corvette battle cruiser skimming like a dragonfly on fire over ocean see so swiftly it seems to levitate a picometer . a flying corvette stinging ray of import to deliver a fight theft death the equal mundane in the Euro decic appetite not unlike a virus who plight is also more life. As just as quick from my crown to my toenails the tingle barely off my skin that just arrived that ain’t never been there. the ultralow hum and glittering twinkle like fairy wing exhaust sprinkle. once glanced looks like drum driven off the skin to a beat motion and rhythm. jumping from cell to cell my skin a cartesian graph translated to scale the tessellated tiles Penrose guile leading the tango with the fire in our skin. as they dance on the crests and troughs individuated specific unique. i am all the songs that proceeded to sing and dance before I erupted from their choir and gathered substance in fire with dust and star dirt maybe chitterlings and jambalaya.
Any thing I am down with OPP ice ice baby gin and juice live optimo.s junior mafia already knows you know me. Cabbage Patch The Smurf The Worm that’s when I am also free.



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