The Indefatigable American Black Woman…The First to Be invisibled…And when opportunity arises the first to be given our ass to kiss… STILL, however, the first to render aid to that ass when its going to hell wearing gasoline draws

in a certain mind one might think she was doing the cabbage patch

We still here and we still got work to do Scooby Doo where are you. I would say that some people and  including myself thought the likely hood of me approaching fifty not enfebbled or an invalid was less likely to happen than #45 occupying the office of President and Georgia, like a damsel in oxygen distress turning blue and then resuscitated by a squad of archetypal mother goddess divine feminine earth kali ma avatar auntie sister grandmother black women that said its fire this time when approaching the end of what looked like multicolored flex not a real rainbow sign saying,” Hell no thats not enough not this time” and then proceeded to grow arms from out of so so so soooul soooouuul fire fire fire fire fire to slap fight night and box with God. So they get to fighting fate cause the Promise is in the destiny. They refuse might over right; thinking not another unholy night. Fate got umcomfortable because it knows how malleable transformative applicable determination can be when deployed by women cloaked in the sun and bathed in eumelanin . And God was like you know just chillin having a big ass candy cigarette sitting on a crimson blood velvet reclining chair lookin like that invisible thing that be in the stride of and be behind the dropping mic of Former President Obama that made you think “damn I would hang out with this guy.” Now you be like “damn I would really like to chill and rap over some serious to the mountains top business with God.”All the time the squad with soul arms on fire is shadow boxing God. All the time they are happening to life never given to having life day by day open up  pre made to happen to them. I mean they were really holding their own in the ring. They needed to get in the game and rope a dope privileged linked determinism. and stay in the game without knowing that loss bu the worlds systems standard is but lessons on what not to do next time. Shit they just boxed with God. Indefatigable belief and hope against 40 years of evidence that stands with the lost cause granite memorials against the stream of time. Nzinga Ms.Hammer Anarcha and Kissy aint having it either. Not this time.  Those repetitive lies only have power to the degree that belief is invested in them by those willing to wish for horses so they’d never have to walk  wanting only to ride.  

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