For.ww.40 years.ww. this.ww. has been.ww. the most.ww. me.

twirl Ms.Prince. and you stick the landing arms up. Ms.Thing Wonder

When you are velveteen rabbit real but your hip dont do right…dont do this:

The beer I saved for you since Tuesday is still here dear. Why dont you come get her. Mind you her slutty white girl curves are not tempting me to drink. That resilience comes is because I got some big ass Guinness when I was out. The fish at JJs up street is good. Im never going to show up and order it then wait again. It took too long. As I left hot fish in hand  i couldnt wait to sample it and apparently in the midst of a frenzied feeding madness I ripped my cloth mask from my face and lost it. I didnt know this until hot fish salty savory drunk later and I am standing at the liquor store look like who done it. No mask no My next best thinking is stand more and eat fish. I go to the BP buy a mask go get my money order to pay rent tomorrow beer and the bus stop. My hips are hotter than cooked grits and fish grease combined by now. The bus drives right pass me. If had a harpoon gun i would have shot that emmeffing bus driver in the face. So i wait more. Buy this time I c walk in a  straight line there are not straight lines only curved ones…i should have stayed my lets eat fish ass home.

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