“The Virgin”, Harmonia

I had a dream in Black Eve. Omines homines a. Space is a womb not a vaccum. Ebony cradles galaxy’s on her knee spinning gold, platinum, and iridium from dyad neutron stars to adorn her children to be. With four letters in her right hand she, Obsidian, turned her fist clockwise in a double helix strand . Onyx prayed workings in form so her children would grouse the back of heaven to find purpose a destiny known even by her childern 500,000 years in the future born into life young or hours one close never ever ever love lorn. from birth to death song sung when remembrance of her visage once unmoored on the ocean of mind is now anchored as the galaxy’s form. to comfort to watch us as we watch her in kind through time our body her beauty does adorn . she the first sight after wombs Night. we unraveling spirit in to weaves of flesh being born. soon to fly from this shore being undone home bound past the same sun from which that first sublunar son sought succor in the suns savage forlorn… its light shining everthing into many out of one. Out of black comes many as one… (inspired by “The Virigin” by Harmonia)

dan m henry U

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