quasi toxic mascufemity signaling

i like this picture. so few layers of experience so much more irrational joy, uncommon curiosity, imagination and belief in all things imagined potentially positive. I almost dont recognize myself and can bearly recall anything but the leather smell of the shoe exterior and the texture like a hairy ragged suede. I was caught in a fractal of wonder amazement over the shoe sole so fluidly bumpy gummy looking and hard like it wasnt fashioned as much as slowed at the sub atomic scale in midst of high energy highest viscose plasma state frenzy. I really thought that with those soles these shoes could be used for me to sail on the surface of the sun. And I remember I loved the velor v neck too. I thought velor was some rare precious fabric like rhodium is to minerals. That is until I wore cashmere. Velor was JcPenny Montgomery Ward single facing cashmere. It simulated the feel but not the thermal insular utility of cashmere.

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