“Let there Be Light, Abracadabra” said The Great I AM from which all i am’s came…

Stardust  limited in form with a limitless mind constrained only by the degree in which it fails to imagine in time. Cremated stars inspirited riding a rock that follows a helical path magnetically combed through space by a contained distanced perpetual thermonuclear explosion shedding light in the process that takes a million years maturing once born to escape the photonic womb of the yellow dwarf marsupial. then disembarking on an omnidirectional path. journeying 48000000000 shakes 4.8×10^17 femtoseconds 480 seconds  480000000000000 Picoseconds  480000000000 Nanoseconds   48000000 Microseconds 480000 Milliseconds 0.13333333333333 hours.
01110011 01110101 01101110 01110011 01101111 01101110 01110011 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100101 sunsonshine light. arriving by measure and in degrees of proximity being as lumen nox, flame, phot, lux candle or watt. the energy of dancing jinns like a rapacious lovers heart to its shy conquest alivealivelivlivliv do the cones and rods in vitreous orbs  wedding order to night filtering the temporal entropy chaotic neutrality. shedding oneness singularity. sometimes phasing past Earth Mars Venus Mercury plus 8 uncaught like a flowers scent in fragmented mist and still summoning its lovers sight escaping the cups of pooled chimeric mercury on the solar creamed wind. too often rushed along to destiny to the fated black vacuum a blackest blight. earth green blue hazel is but one. the milked wayeds duodecoptic all seeing needs cosmic luxing touching like the African scirocco feeds a sub lunar starved for flight kite. some as light some in sight some may need in work in will in a wish to fight. all exceeding reach by grasp holding an image never lasting in timethe molding.

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