knowing connected mind mouth kneck north then south knee elbow syn·cre·tism

capra Major sardonyxicon

Can silence be peace. silence. not the silence of the sub solar moon. but the quiet when love tires from morning in afternoon. warm silence. a fecund absence of sound bursting with already heard remembered curling limb in limb muted loud that shapes quiet into what words are before they are the sounds. the expectant and the awaiting intersect and but what were one lethargic plus 1 for 2 times the benumbed bore in a batntam cockitrace frightening fisticuffs feet wise tough. BOOOM CRACK IN HEAVEN, that be the bang when universes in dyad for intial start do galaxy bump perfect opposing pair art inartful. into each other. The beginning, the minds, static sound the true empathic telepathy. silence is peace to the degree equal to ones highest threshold×mental pain.

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