I swim alone; In Sadnesses. And its like suffo”huh”c’ting in a cold anemic stream.

Love is no respector of person.

miss you buddy in philia/brotherly love. I practice too much self mortification and verbal/mental self abuse. That behavior further entrentches a rut of doubt in the old grey noodle above my shoulders. And in turn there is the furtherance of warping in the loom and weft upon which my reality is woven/weaved. I care so I share not a soporiphic. I share just a salve. I just share an old country poultice. Its a soothing balm for ease in disembarking from or remaining on whatever path taken…I dont know to where. Maybe you wanna make a different dietary decision than ole tired Burger Queen. Take a break at McDonald’s . Who the hell knows. Even with the same data and accrued habits being the sum total of our self creation in that moment it doesn’t give fate over to the next moment.

by amundanespiritdoing

“Wellness Magazine: we could always use a degree of self TLC and TLC from other. Mi
“One of the best ways to bring more wellness into your life is by easing up on yourself. As we move into 2021, we have the opportunity to completely reset. We can pursue wellness with fresh optimism and positivity. We know the world is slowly getting back on its feet, and that it’s always possible to get back up ourselves. We can do little things each day to build ourselves up, mentally and physically, to ensure we continue to thrive. We’re bringing you tips.”

by Abigail Bassett on SHONDALAND

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