What it was. What it be like. What it is

Atomic Heart Honey Bomb

Nonviolence I have come to understand is an active sustainable state of being loving compassion. It calls for putting not just ones skin in the “game” but putting ones entire body: foot, bone, vessels tome; in the game. It is principled reclamation of our bodies(black bodies). It is using our bodies as we see fit. Traditionally since 1619 imperialist racist and the disembodied thoughtless visible and invisible forces have stolen, moved, displaced,  bridled, rode, bred, beat, whipped, alienated, tortured ex-communicated, anti de personalized, weopanized, demonized, dehumanized/physically colonized, expatriated, and jeopordized black wrapped bones. Non violence says, “This is my black body that I control and delploy against all principles not rooted in love. I am no longer corded wood whittled with hoary and story. And so it is. Abra Ca Dabra

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