Where She Got The Lightening Skills Babeeee

I just got this one comic book and fake flipped through the simulated pages and saw Ms.Thing herself Diana Prince neè Princess Diana The Wonder Woman but sliding down a lightening bolt and coming into an action no less comic frame/cell.
And now that I know HypoLyta didn’t just mold her from clay and that her baby Daddy is old Greek God Soul Greece Brother No.1 Daddy Zeus who was famous for his deft handling to smote more than one enemy’s remains across rocks and sky with a big old lightening bolt. She is her fathers daughter after all. I bet we will see more lightening tricks down the way maybe some double dutch with her sister old tight curl wonder Nobia Wonder. This is the Black Queer Polymath Sartorialist mucken it up. All right true deceivers all nerds aint inclusive nerds. Becareful the world some people do not deserve some of us.

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