F- – k what you think you know bout Uncle Tom

Fcuk what you think you know bout Uncle Tom

Just finished reading the opening paragraph to the memoir of Josiah Henson. It was written in Canada in 1849 when he was no longer enslaved.
The last sentence got me 45 hot. I was angry at Daniel Patrick Moynahan too. His liberal good intentions couldnt see beyond the real causality  behind his report. Whiteness can be just as blinding as blackness. Mr. Henson explains seeing his father as a 3 or 4 yr old whipped 100 times across his back and one of his ears sheared off close to the bone. He beat the overseer that beat his wife. The pyrrhic victory is still a victory nonetheless being contrary to the verdict of appearences. Now this system of terror and necropolitical agrarianism holds over 300,000 black people in its grasp. It activates as with the insidious ingression of internalizing racism and is the foundation on to which towers of toxic masculinity, gay-phobia and misogynoir are built in our minds; having a different effect on everyone with different degrees of presence, power and maladaptivity in/to the mind. The chattal slavery and its resulting pogroms and malevolent permutations drilled disunity in man tearing asunder man from wife and and emasculating  man into boy. That is exactly how impersonal objectivist kleptocratic agarianism(redundant. I know) prospers.  If progressive librals would stop trying to run from the imaginery target of blame you think the black monolith of humanity has aimed at you would see the implyed fundemantal attribution error. So what. I have internalized racism. If I can’t escape this system without psycho – sexual spiritual deformity then yall damn sure cant.

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