Where yo Resurgens Phoenix at now mitch

DOWNTOWN Atlanta locus Civitas: Civitates Foederatae Americae
Locus: 33°45′25″N 84°23′25″W
Numerus incolarum: 486 290
Zona horaria: UTC-5, UTC-5, UTC-4
Situs interretialis
Nomen officiale: Atlanta specifically being Five Points #fivepointsatlanta looks like NYC in the 60’s and 70’s #nycthe60sand70s. Its a entire labor of sweat in concrete to busy to hate the way it looks so it loiters garish on every corner that cuts a rakish 90°. It’s unable to sit because there is NO WHERE PUBLIC IN WOODRUFF PARK to sit except being segregated and pinned to orange seat coral or making pancakes of robust posterior sitting hard on the lips of dead winter baptismals or bedraggled by the caterpillar ladder winds as the breeze flows over you under a tree or on the coarsely dry dog poop strewn urine sodden lawn that looks like an over grazed cow pasture . That’s a good selection of space for our neighbohors that live on the block. Very concentrated easily monitored perserving the kids play area as its impregnable to the wear and childrens tear that usually happens. Except all the parents with available income don’t live downtown. It’s like a brown block Willy Wonka chocolate sculpture. Willy Wonka despite his confectionery business does not like kids. #savedowntownatlanta #woodruffparkatl #creatives #thepublicsector #theprivatesector and the #atlantacitygovernment . It has O-CiD (Over[as in it done its a done dadada])City Downtown). All the shops near Underground look like dusty disinterred corpses in NYC in the 60’s and 70’s. The neighborhoods that surround the city center are getting plastic surgery Brazil Style, rapidly and abundantly. Make it like Paris, whose Brown and Black lives seem to matter more in the suburbs. Le tout-Atlanta ne t’arrive pas à la cheville, crois-moi?

THIS is my opinion and not that of any of the hard working group collaboratives I am a member of.This is written as a concerned citizen that Iives in the food desert and takes the street car ellipse to work sometimes. Goes to the Walgreen because the #CVS is gone. The greeting and service at #CVS downtown was impeccable. It is a safe ride. I meditate alone usually for readiness to work. It’s the most quiet time of day besides unconsciousness during sleep.

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