Yes some were taken. And yes some sold brother mother sister father and soul.

We still participate in the mens rea with such oblique intent my pocket got picked too passively aggregating the most combustable rubbish and anti black stress molded by years and the silence if a bequeath better bequest when we allow the language of denial in culpability as if Manifest Destiny a priori to its presentation by a US President had already been seeded sown into the malaprop uncommon weal. An unsustainable device be came affixed to the governing arm leveraging material abundance from a none zero sum game. War discord and strife were market principals. The sold knew loss immediately. I dare say the sellers may still dare to think they didn’t loose as much as gain. The paultry sum given for a nexus intersectional living being is like the flounce of spores on wind compared to the drudgery the necro-currency heavy leaden written as death and social malady exacted upon the bequeathed beings same folded in metal cuffed skin rended assunder from land self and kin til bone alone is home. Out from where once us belonged in perpetuity dragged an economic principle for a nation state to gain as the commodity died in person. Non traditional war infinitum as a profit model. And as though black people were dooped into faith is an unabashed race based diminishing of ability and intent. You might as well say 3/5ths human is accurate. Negus

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