Being tried and shown true by aggressive gorilla testing I am giving Samsonite baggage this morning. Let’s see I have started my day exactly the way I wanted just by doing it. Talked to a overseas buddy buddy @paulusfra before morning. I think my incandescence has rolled back in the clouds. Thinking myself out of showing up for life was the mechanism I thought that would help get me back into a routine. How and the hell was I going to think myself in to right action with an out sized mind frayed non contiguous like the break from beach to land is a rambunctious 19 year old subordinate complex enslaved to his internalized faulty cognitive belief systems hastened in dividing itself from itself  building a mansion with many rooms all not fit for thoughts habitation. So I have always once equilibrium or some semblance of such movement  reorientating my attitude and flight path to the natural horizon. The resilience of righting can be inartful as the chaos of a whirling dust devil hurling apart itself by spinning for forty years until its spun all it dust dry as the moon is to the sun. #blackqueerpolymathsartorialist #champrugby #warbyparkerwinston #fltered  #editted #addidas #trackjacket #red #beginagain  #Sweepstakes #PricelessSurprises

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