Likes Ain’t Never liked me no way

I very much enjoy the  post that compose the feed in my streams regardless of how many other people, bots, sycophants and unverifiable hierophants christen glisten listen like or blister in the self assured light of a sun that knows thyself. Before I came to grasp the inherent value possessed in my self similarity  from the infinite into  increasingly smaller scales as being made in image and likeness Imago Dei that my quest for a massive number of “friends” ,followers and hearts thumbs affirming behind jaundiced yellow and pearly whites was ridiculously unachievable because as long as the certainty of my truth in power relies on the fossil full energy deployed by inhuman and human alike there will never be enough likes. And I have never received very many likes outside the quality of human doings circling in aid abetting me in the expansion of believing /acting in the internal flame also called love that is enough to keep the bone and blood and sinew in shadow from cold. That flaming blossom burning love I feel is not about seen things and that sort of symbol invested with the quality simulacra of love. It is the quality of those around me that truly are essential and authentically matter as true friends/family/loved ones that nurture my unfolding in the seeing-understanding and not in the examining-seeing that compels me to give away the truth in my being in exchange for the spirited lies.. I have come to feel that being seen in love by a few rather than being desired and devoured by the thousands means having more of myself reminded then re invested with the truth of true value by those in the few that are the essential that matter,. That value can not be leveraged marketed sold or liquidated because nothing real or authentic ever can be changed into something that fades in time. It can however the personal truth and the inherent power and value, it can be self invisibled and turned from. Likes don’t like me. Most of the likes only like what I seem to be in their imagination.

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