Like Rodney King

Jim and Kai were not even also rans. An oversight like that in this day and age there would have been a call for a boycott. And I think back then when I tried to spin CDs a near do nothing heirophant pressed vinyl stratosphere sycophant called me out. I no longer arrogantly look over my glasses and down my pseudo aquiline nose at the spinning CD skill. You know why? Because I can’t spin nothing but a yarn, a tall tale, unrevised in kleig lighting historical narratives and a dancing twirl red twizzler, pacifier, glow stick, tigerbalm in hand. Oh wait….that was a really good trip everyone thought was bad. I kept say to Jim and Fattie, “Why are we leaving the club. I was spinning.” The club was someone’s apartment and I was spinning on the floor with a new discoverable country in the form of a kid that frequented raves not concretely orientated, 18 not me and free. As we lept off in the most fantastic car young people could operate, an 86 burgundy burgundy/rust(not a pejorative)Volvo station wagon w/ wagoneer trunk door for agility there came  a plaintive whine over and over from where Fattie and Jim sat and through the most aestheticly essential designed headrest that is just but one marvelous desiign of the 86 Volvo came in a similar refrain as,” Are we there yet” damply sulkifying, “Why are we leaving the club….”ad nauseu As if the Volvo had my voice. Luv luv entheogens I. was snared like Rodney King in one of those universal human v human moments be catalyst for the cure and the cause of an injustice to myself (Thank you housecreatives. Just Listened to Fish Go Deep) captured caught Shoelin Crouching sun beam hidden sun burn stance reality imbroglio sammich by a VHS over the shoulder non Boulder holder Flintstone like recording device. As I reflect upon spinning on the floor, rather than spinning cds, in a vehicle(body) poorly operated on entheogenic fuel  while simultaneously with daring and inartfully being the body electric howver I looked. Well I looked like well me. I stumbled the light fantastic sans Casanovas legerdemain and the needed dexterity to discover another country never returning to the club that never was there.

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