Light Knife

Photography by Thomas Tulis
Forward by dan m henry U

This is the second project I have collaborated with Thomas Tulis. I am more honored because we could have worked with a number of people. He matriculates in an atmosphere acclimated by creatives. An Oosphere where writers artist and singers are like heavy rain on a willows bow; not a tragedy but a capacity build formality lending bend as the heavy hastenong angles to crook not an akimbo foe to brook.

Co cut creators with Dj and the producer from the Upper Room.

After a dense deluge the branches weighed akimbo are the fast moving rapids cataract that as wood waterfalls does hasten to nourish the foundation in which we are individually based. The waters fall impersonally irrespective pf head space, color or tone.

Creatives in a Jacobs Latter helical pattern orbit the impersonal and personal universe activated best in rethinking the arrangements of the known world,  reframing context with emerging meaning, and reconnecting to the true horizon as we use our eyesight to adjust our attitude to The Universal Mind. In that righting of course that turning directionally into as it is above then so it is below. It is the conduits, as conductive as sea water, of energy indifferentiated that becomes differentiated from one to another specific to the conduits spiritual being out pouring in the reality of common human experiences is inspirt-ationed ephemera shaped into by intent and gravity into object,  substance, novelle idea or a gain of function from a new paradigmatic model sive shifting and sifting the inessential non mutualistic beneficial into thinking leveled up adjustment quintessential : literature, music, activated flesh yoked to spirit, culture, design, technology, math, purist ars gratia artis formed as moleculur alloys of thought or physical form thought to action complete. The active thinking alloyed cosmos is knitted together by strong and weak forces to taking on the function and form of the creators thought as active substance in a multitude of unique permutated combinated elements: fire water, earth, ether, air, spirit. And these newly arranged cut creations are like the living waters that bend the willow branch and nourish the soil root entrenchment of The Tree of Life. Art helps me know I am alive and helps me consider that you are too. Homo Hani nil a me alienum puto(t.publius).

We gather as an awareness of things as curiously funky as a doodle bug compels us To Just See and to sieze what ever the substance of creativity rrachable by ones inward grasp before it leaves captive our head in seeking to become a cumulonimbus clouds in our oospheres to  manifesting intended function and suited form in tandem with culture/,indentity cement for splash not crash Zeitgeist bombast. Yearning for the deluge for the drowning in immortality generated in the forge and heartberth of the creative mind is pyrrich delicious Scooby-Doo Captain Crunch mysterious. To be inspirit is to be surrounded it seems to almost be on fire like a road flare set up in stomach heart bone and tome. In the end to be partially consumed by flame while foliage of a verdent jungle is as much alive as the fire that needs air to breath slowly lean into the flames; evergreen cathedral of branch stone hill and knoll reaching toward the source of emanating light: the creative minds create because that is life eking out living beyond thought in just being. A varigated grey marble colored thinking apparatus mediating spirit and flesh is a humidly fecund rain forest in riots of bean, mung etc., Soylent, Kelly, British race car deep green and all mean in-between. The crackling in the forest dark like an arc lighting inside a thunderstorm from cloud to cloud in the vines the limbs are the vesper sparks that arc and prick with photon pin pricks at eyes sight as when blood recirculates to limbs a prayer in a tingle  . That peculiar static that was heard on UHF channel analog saddness feels like the sound that blood would make to raise to life the restless and listless to muster an indewlling luminous antagonist non pretender to the hegemony of the dark bumrushing from to nooks wells crevices filled with night and evening prayers blessings; abscounded scolded til cold and thankless. Vibrations  in the Great empty holdfast* seems to be the spirit of what we are. And that elemental spirit creativity is as wet and alive as a sound is both an energetic oscillating wave and sound is also deeper than a bight.

*The Universe

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