Pride Guidon

Pride Guidon, could it possibly be. Is it an understated arrogantly bland homo humani puto f – – gstaff insert the la actively diverse all inclusive rabidly segregation averse and engaged yet absent the intimation that rainbow  light radiates only on the gay inside making us and egalitarian rainbow society o specialness not of the soil but of light. Our innards and organs are a multi tissue type quilted coat of magic dreams under inner inside. Pride cultivated the greatest pride for whomever thought of Gay Pride and for the butch/femme queen brigand that mopped A Natural Weather Phenomenon. And made the perfect pennal flag for The Pride. We bought in to the dagnabit rainbow and are now bereft because there aint no gold pot. Pride Rainbow people you have  othered us into fairy magic beings with no magical powers.

SOOOOO radically unlike the dominant cultures savage guts of tightly wound treacherous gore. The Unseemly without shine but lush purples bloom, punched reds glisten, white shin and bone burn, bilious yellows, green gal and browned ashy gizzard offal was identical to my building parts to my chagrin as I lay flayed with my long lost twin: a grand savage. No lights. We are inhabited by a bespoke coat tailored by The Architect of All Creation. Grown in man sub occipital bone below the most seeminfly unremarkable warp and weft of selvage grey denim yarn. oological matter. A signal switching station gate closing zero holding one partially told it that places mn as the greatest created being first to The Creatrix/Creator/Creaton. Mn having the will to destroy rush from birth into cruelty like wilde beast take fear and flee into death. yet some having the will to create…damn damn damn James…the dialectic… what would the quantum void be without applying force or investing power in/on the vibrations the void holds…see how this goes…yet right…dust and lassitude almost soun– hmmm…H E double hockey stick naw… I am the king of reaching for all things that presently exceed my grapple grasping…❤all pride flag❤? 

Being an unremarkable spirit being on a psychonautic interdimensional study abroad program wearing an organic interdimensional space suit could be enough if contemplated sufficiently. For me reformating the given social narrative/identity and being in community with similar people would have been different if my life’s foundation had been made from a rainbow that is trapped under non tessellated cheap reflective tiny tile squares of glass that lay mostly inert only to activate one month by firing variegated colored light beams similacrum the rainbow gay inner light fae-bow mythology.

When its July the world’s cities become so many fascinating permutations of the same thing. That thing or idea is mostly what the World and Multinational Corps (pwpperes with some authentic queer culture) have grown to atleast tolerate and at most acccept and support openly as part of  l g b t q + culture(The Non Norm Sub Conformist maaayyybe?)just in quantities greatly impacted by vestigial tribal like social sexual mores; such as colloquial language, racial identity, clothing etc. July once a year is a global disco inferno of prismatic innards. I have been twice. The dark deep brown to band aid flesh tan neopolitan isn’t an impossible dream. Controversial possibly?

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