There is an earthen whine in people.

Before India Arie Simpson was India.Arie and before Donny was Donnie there was a cauldron of creatives they emerged from still buoyantly floating on the promise in MLK’s dream and the possibility engendered by choosing hope over knowledge when reframing innovation, sound, identity and community in the city just started to move into acceptance out of the harem skaram that made it too busy to hate so we loved and lost in the alchemy of change at Yin Yang in The New New Nuit Groovin South.

And like all great moments of social collision that result in a anew alloy of social cohesion it can never be sufficiently found il simalcro in nature as an organic process or as wills ideation creation as a dance flashy mod like coincidence very much emboldened to act familiar as the impossible is its tender but the sight of the likes of an end to this precocious beggared of an idea that gathers more of itself a morpheme at time in sentence and they wont even get you Barbara Tucker lifted but will propel if not run but drift on to sentences end.

So if you were even tangential to the era you gleaned the phantasm sprezzatura of preparations perspiration entheogens and human beings getting their lives sub lunar in strobe light no carless hand but a flying heart bound to body to the beat and the rhythms flight. SHAZAM! its Gods love and asunder by music’s might we were planted in love as i bloom still this night.

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