Catapult with what you find essential, useful and sturdy.

Entering the third act in the first part of my years goal. And tofu, chiaseeds, Ramen, in fishsauce base will help me sock it to the humidity. That densely packed intersection where I live vulnerable to its holding of space hedgeing my periphery in rows will without delay slay all nested ideas about pedestrian penertration with out perspiration. Sweat in the same quantity and flow as the justice River more than one person as dreamt of. Falling rivers not the artful paucity of thin rivulets flowing like the Hooch. I will be covered head body and face with a slick brine made up of parts me, parts the of world the Earth couldn’t use and parts waste that is sythesized thereby derived from the alchemical processes of gustation, mastication and digestion, voila! sweaty water for the heating venting and air conditioning of my system and my Ginny accomplice in caloric activation kinetic fuel detonation. The side walk adventure ends in my body simulacrum a pillar of salted sea. And burst like a hurled saalck of baby tears I dis – integrate as I replace my wearied salt a – parts home. The egress from the fish grease hot air, that buffeted me in quantum of folded thermodynamic insolence incurring the bundling in fry battering from crackling cornmeal the hue of rooibos red meant normally for the dress coat of Tom Tim tomatoes that get dressed to fry.

I walked through the transparent Southern fried chicken stoup soup/stew sans fried green nightshade adornment before the noon sky under poplar bow in dew. SfChSt: better known as the unbroken coverage and consistency of summer in the East coast elbow bend along America’s thigh.

*We don’t have to live in the climate of nor are we beholden to the atmosphere in to which we were born because nothing is immutable in this alchemical romance called living.
The Wee Lass Moll McLean.

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