Gaslighting and the tensions from ignition to conclusion attenuates emotional stamina leaving lassitude like a retrovirus; a gift no one ever intended to buy that gives so much less back.

When I became informed of the outcome in what could potentially be the gas that lights expectation because we know it was injustice. And we have known so much about injustice and the furtherance of its burdensome working efficiency. They function and design will always look like brokeness to people looking up from underneath its actual boot heel on their head. Is justice aligning ones vehicle (individual societal or global) with a new natural horizon in the direction of fuctional play in and a sustainable expansion of the higher ideals as capitulated in this country’s founding documents. Remember those ideals at the time were only for those or their type during the construction and signing of aforesaid foundational documents. Black people and our accomplices have been down the indictment road manifold times. They sometimes ends in Simi Valley or the outcome is a spring of Kingian water as sprung wetting a weed; underwhelming.

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