ars artis gratia


There seems to be human problem: not being able to fully inhabit another person’s perspective without somehow disputing that the events that build the experience are invalid. That they are one offs or unique anomalies. I think that what happens to me in the field of spacetime becomes a mental position common and ubiquitous in society that emotionally isolates me in these personal experience that I then conflate as other people’s experience also. Because really if I don’t work on my emotional IQ people remain prop extension of myself in the inartful narrative of my narcissistic dramedy: life. Empathy, my capacity to intentionally enter into another’s suffering, is the a cure for the “optical delusion of consciousness” Einstein  opined the aforesaid in Berlin as they appeared to him to be the fenced limitations produced by self awarenesss. I think he posits that’s what religion is for. I would say that’s what the arts are for Al baby.

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