Yellow: running like the sun’s heat drips from on high.

If not compelled by something that won’t or can’t come to be I rarely enter the day and the ubiquity of low hang sun light. To compensate for my lack of diversity I must then rely upon multiple in home dressing changes to promote inclusivity from the clothing cohort. I must be sure the day adventure drags are what I feel best wearing for the context of the day. Sartorial prat falls peradveture come what may I loathe when I undarken my doorstep and leave home. They leave me with a sense of regret after trashing my mind. And I feel like everyone can see that I am not comfortable in the fabrics bundled my skin.

She is outside and he carries. The heat ain’t no joke. We don’t know them up in here, up in here. It be waiting though. And she be leaning heavy against my apartment door smelling like hot that’s been hangin on the street all night, and beaming like a flower bed of riotous daisy blooms.

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