Diana Pulchrid, says

Folk devils…moral panic…critical race theory…panic drives the structure of laws…laws become the framework of society…that framework  is the scaffolding for the judicial prison industrial complex…
this has created a seemingly American carceral necro political state…justice does not live with us because it is not welcome. And yet we lustfully forage for it in the forest and plead for it in the hearts darkness of those so afraid. In over 400 years in the desert we keep coming around in hope to see a mirage. Hope is an animal carcass when closely examined and whatever you don’t have but need when gleaned through the vapors in the offing. Its not found. And the ardor, the craving for justice that heats the heart and the bones is like fire shut up in my loins. I will surely burn alive before The Chimera, Justice, is greeted, wrestled down, shot and stuffed, or embraced with tears that rush to hush. Because as soon as I see it it will be gone. So I pretend the fable of a dream has rotten as quickly as God can be forgotten. “


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