Hashtag: ineedinclusivegames

I burst to tears and my heart began to ache with joy reading about this. I played D&D in elementary school in the 80’s( think robin redbreast in an unkindness of crows or a murmuration of starlings). Seen Spectator unseen actor: I could never see myself as I see myself in a two dimensional game ill suited for places and things extended to but not made for me. Except in the most extreme visitation of some trait w/social force of my physiology or other: darkness(my dominant eumelanin pigmentation and I am a Dark Elf. my same sex attraction expressed as a female character). I later developed a vocabulary for the understanding vocalization that reference a part of my blackness and queerness as earlier visualized and monolithologized in D&D as a female and as blackness. I hope: the homophobia imported by colonial imperialism and the weaponized use of homosexual rape to emasculate and geld enslaved African men denormoalizing/demonizing place for pre existing same sex relationship with the codification of Eurocentric masculine feminine binary models further demonizing the Afro feminine aesthetics( misogynoir), the ingression of toxic masculinity by the systems of chattel enslavery starting in the Middle East after the closure of the Black Sea route (eliminating the system of human enslavement), the profiteering through social destabilization by tribes constantly at war to sell other Africans no longer skews collective the weave and weft the interpersonal and intrapersonal psycho-social spiritual dynamics of exo-planetarian people descended from terrestrial African explores. All the aforesaid would happen if the creators exercise Supreme positionality to influence codification of a newer alloy in the substrate Afro-epistemology.

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