I need a break dance accountability crew

There are always better ways to do things. Not taking anything personally or yourself too seriously and being intentionally mindful and open by active listening and passive shut uping to loving edification from trusted accountability partners who have the goal not to wound or injure or weopanize what we may ourselves find objectionable yet still trip into the trap of doing but hav8ng goals of elevating and aligning their partners with the higher operating loving principles we espoused and strive to sustainably demonstrate. The task is to know who to trust in such a energetic bilateral relationcorvette* it aint no simple ship. And eventually being able to self reflex examining ones positionality to challenge dismantle or augment ones epistemology. Most of what happens in the world – actually everything our senses apprehend begins as a materialess electrical signal made of nothing – a thought that has been sewn cobbled and sculpted and floated from the dark deep subconsciousness into the light of active consciousness. Finding out why we think somethings things helps us leverage a field of/for choosing cognition feelings words actions habits character and destiny. Unlearning. We are only what we are when we can’t challenge who we think we are or challenge who others assume we be.

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