Mutharuckin Istians

Why hasnt humanity self annihilated 10 times over by now. Whats really insane is that the world survived from the 40’s’-70’s. Im even surprised that every enslaved person didnt die in a southern mass genocide after Jan 1 1865. When did doing the next right thing in protecting self and then consequently protecting ones herd become an untenable infringement on civil liberty. How did centering self in anti knowing become knowing. Would I go to my barber to replace my hips. I really view not vaccinating oneself is….because why?? And an emotional response has no foundation in reason. And all I can say to that is an old prison adage,” Whats the baby gonna do” . Excalibur is the Internet and the hoe cut both ways.  I think freedom is the blame too. Vaccination should be mandated. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. That in and of itself is faiths testimony. Where are people in their walk? Still in the baby walker and in need of coddling assurance that thay world will set right soon. Some opinions are worse than assholes. They will kill someone. Do unto others as I would have them do unto me is no longer a central tenet of Christianity. What are people saying and what are people meaning when they say they are Christians yet not aligned with activated Christian behavior. I have wondered about that schism from a riven mind for so long. Im sure that the bifurcation of the  psyche bloomed this janus bodied nation that actively obsessively grinds its spirit into human; having flesh for a soul; the material basis for corrective insanity shenanigans where death in nuclear winter is preferred to loss of falsely coveted skinage privilege.

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