unstinking thinking, quotidian musing of a tattered mole that made itself into a human soul. THAT BITCH

ive never had smoke get it my eyes from a heart burning with love.
and who needs a heart when a heart can be awoken. Woke hearts not eyes or minds will be the undoing of liberosis( caring too much) gathering around me. It seeps off the pedestrian emotionally bedimmed. Pedestrians that call rational consumption, a tenant of the structure that drives our American life what is considered the most human and the most vivital thing that humans do to remain ,mans do: consumll thing we engage consumption in biological in lifeand consumption. It is only rational when the heart is not awoken or broken. Sleeping hearts are American Sunday morning parts. Its funny how things travel in the body. From the mind to the heart and out to the visible and unseen bodies that cocoon spiritual beings entombed in human bodies. Wait so spirits die and come to earth. Then the body dies and returns the spirit home. The circle of life spiritual biology.

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