Are we there yet…Hell to the no…..Stumble some more. We ain’t flying yet no way.

After being the man/child prodigal son interrupted forever and catching up to the waterfall that has been leading me from behind with joyfully booty cheeks lawd knows God is kind( ass v. face save one nOt the other). And it’s been the most inelegant process for an atypical chemically balanced neuronal because at certain points I thought/think I will never mount surmount spin dip into the sky(live my Cicely Tysonian Best Life) as the aggregate of steps diminish in direct proportion to the time it takes me to make them. Hold up kiddo— Janus always got two sides. Up and flip from the black hand side to the white hand side. I am to slow cause as soon as I think I got it figured out, that I see the rhythm and have sussed out the patterns of The Maker and I am in the groove my NegusKAKA POW POW( why you gotta go and do that huh huh), Spirit let lightning go slapping my dang hand off my body and off of the person place thing metaphor idea destination, the wanton that swallowed the enigma of what I thought was the prize off of every anchor caught ashore my eyes. And before I fall too far and too fast seconds years decades may pass before recognition of what’s really going down( I ain’t bought there yet let me bag up hum Om right size this corvette war ship fo I capsize this mitch) reconciles the hurt before it meets my rear as I take a pratfall landing on to the littlest yet somehow by fiddle sticks still renewable and smurfin sustainable butt. Poor lil halved where the God lord split me ochre burnished the depth of coppertones sun axis takes less and less self kicking so I can keep subtle swtiching or wobble working.

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