after Giving A Damn @remergeatl

Looking forward to conversation and an irreplicateable time w/The Tulis


…when time seems to smelt others away

all that we know is between



the moments in the arrest of our thoughts and in the caress as the caughts forming put to WORDS for scaffolding the building aroun-abound curvatures convex concave

and/or the limber line straight un round. PROMETHEUN on ingress not yet bound

ephemera seemingly in still-ness then lent movement by emotion the electric for locomotion up down staccato crescendo glissanda vibrations. never an inelegant or inartful SOUND.

thimbles filled with sonic symbols that luxuriate captured in palpitations rapture. of excitments confines in eyes, ears, mind limbs engrams leaping nimble in crown charmed going upward or down; stretching the breathless in the between; the COLLECTIVE bardo. through PURE land without ECHO. having none on to which to rebound.

in us-es UNIversal-ommons. of the BEheld space. AS WE COMPOSE the ballad upon humanbeings goal. it BEGINS ;

in in

outturned CLOWN; useless daemon, shadow appearing real. Countence a frown AND

out out

in lead follow be led in spIrIt by Pnuema; the unheard voice that comes when sea or baptismal IN IT we seems we drown.

*its tell: unheard most often when NEMO be round.

Thank you TT. an integral part of causality; part of my becoming; in my grasp the reaching; you the real deal holy field. some the summoning an achievement; an entire IM Pei symbology in flesh bone tome agreement.


synoptic blessing is four or more eyes becoming as one.

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