Is my back facing to the son/sun

Golden leaf mean

Don’t leave LOVE EVOL for misunderstanding OR THE heartlessness OF ear uncircumcised hearing loss tone deft gladness.


Taken up and dissolved in fire aloft by the winds.

And remaining left a vacuuming spaciousness where there be only the silently loud full empty sound; a hollowed spectral glooming absent GODS love like leaping deer inbound.

And THERE BE depth in this loss. LIKE peace and joy been replaced by a wasteland of salted wounds that resound in song sung in chorus; a hollering a poison sound.

An un sun kissed sound : sickly infectious with dampness and odd buoyancy. A dark symphony seeping from the shadow. Shadow in the hot heart of a kiln where the substance of our bones is beset by a molten core where even skin and gall have malice in fear of a soul sore the vehicle it’s come to abhor;

A coral of collective sadness o’er deaths door as a sour flower that’s dour does presage the coming umbra of madness; in it disappear in the prestige of a waning lunar craziness that has a rabidy rictus gash as mouth fastly frothing with zest dresses zeal can a zombie know happiness .

We be in the lost and left as shadowers; restive 18 degrees sub Terran horizon in black hollowed dismay.

Is life seemingly waxing in wacknesss and folded by vastness ever disastrous .

A writing: when i turn away from the son/sun becoming left out of spirit and Love this is what alone is to me.

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